2023 Digital Marketing Trends(2023年网络营销趋势报告 )

2023-1-12 15:57| 发布者: 小助理 98 0

摘要: Get ready for the 2023 digital marketing landscape with our report on the new rules of engagement brought on by groundbreaking technologies and platforms. Discover how to harness the power of emerging digital technologies, influencer partnerships, metaver
The unskippable intro: What’s to come?Forget about business as usual. In 2023, marketers will need to decode the new rules of engagement brought on by groundbreaking new technologies and fresh platforms.
As marketers, we’re constantly trying to discover new ways to drive connections and build a following for our brands through the power of emerging digital technologies. Whether that’s through influencer partnerships, the development of a metaverse strategy, or tapping into the NFT craze, the brand-building opportunities are all around us.
But how do we do this in a meaningful way and avoid the pitfalls of the shiny and untested?We’ve trawled through our data and pored over the numbers. This report will give you a clear picture of where the digital marketing world is going, how leading brands are paving the way, and what actions your brand can take to leverage them too.
While some of these trends have existed in one form or another for a while, none of them have held more power than they do today – and will in 2023. For years, we’ve talked about influencer marketing, the rise of communities, and augmented reality. But much like the internet today is vastly different from the clunky, modem-based ’90s version,these trends are now peaking — and we’re seeing new trends emerge within those trends.
In other words, these are the most need-to-know trends as we look ahead.
Let’s get to it.